Well it's about fucking time isn't it? Almost 3 years after publishing book 2 of my saga, Gravity, I am finally ready to release book 3: The Movement of Pawns. The official release date will be July 9th (although it will be available before that). July 9th is the day of the Beachside Authorfest at … Continue reading GRAVITY 3


Many of us have experienced that dreaded moment: when you step up to the bar in gym class and are asked to do as many of that terrible exercise as possible. Pullups. I have not heard of many exercises that people do not like as much as that one. Yet, I also hear that it … Continue reading Pullups

Happiness in a Vice

I don’t smoke. I’ve never tried drugs. I’ve nearly cut sugar from my diet. I’ve dramatically cut back on my caffeine intake. There is a list of things that I have been cutting from my life for various reasons. Some are in the name of being more productive, to lead to happiness elsewhere, such as … Continue reading Happiness in a Vice

Learning to Trust Instinct

Guts are to be listened to! I am never going to learn that. Even as I continue to be presented with example after example of when I should’ve trusted my guts, my instinct, I still second guess myself. Same is true with my writing. This manifests itself in two realms: Completing a project - the … Continue reading Learning to Trust Instinct


It's a party! And you all are invited! That is, you are invited if you live in the areas near Lake Geneva Wisconsin or are willing to make the trek. Marcel Alexander and myself will be sharing a booth for the Beachside AuthorFest on July 9th from 10am to 4pm. The event is being sponsored … Continue reading A FESTIVAL!