Free Fiction Fridays!

I like alliteration. And I feel like experimenting. And I want to give myself more to do rather than constantly dialing back when I stumble. I want reasons to keep pushing forward, to work through my obstacles.

At one time, I wanted to do this on a weekly basis. I am going to try to do it again. The difference is that this time I am not going to intentionally stop. If I miss a few weeks, or even a few months, I am NOT going to just call it dead. It might go steadily for times and it may go dead for some other times, but I am going to continue it either way.

I know… “Jeremy, what in the fuck are you even talking about?”

I am introducing Free Fiction Fridays! That’s right, as often as I can muster, with a goal of once per week, I will be posting a free to read short story on Fridays for all to read (starting 2/8/2019). That short story will be any length, from roughly 100 words to as long as necessary to tell the story.

I have a number of stories from old failed experiments that I will have as backup for the near-term too, which will help to keep this running for a bit.

(Note: I will eventually publish books in the future that will include many of these stories and poems, but I will keep them here on the site for free too.)

Also, with it, I’ve been debating on the ideas of doing some videos on YouTube, and thanks to a recent post from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, I was presented with the idea of reading my own stories for YouTube. (Basic quality, really. I am not trying to be a hyper-well produced program here.) Although, I am not 100% yet on when to start that or even how exactly I am going to approach it. But the Free Fiction Friday is a great source for it, so that is where I am leaning toward. It’s a bit longer away to work on that, so stay tuned when I start with that!

I do have to admit that Kristine does a “Free Fiction Monday” herself, although I did not get the idea for releasing a story weekly, or the name, from her. You should check her stuff out too!

I have a lot of things I’ve been wanting to do or have thought about trying that I am going to start introducing into my writing in the coming months as I work on figuring out how I am going to proceed. Not sure how it’ll all end up, but I am game to try.


Featured image is mine and taken by me of my Remington typewriter.

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