Book Lover’s Day!

Happy Book Lover’s Day! In celebration of what is a very important holiday for both writers and readers alike, I have discounted every ebook I sell on to FREE! That’s right, for Book Lovers Day, August 9, 2016, all of my Kindle ebooks will be FREE to download. So while you are sitting here … Continue reading Book Lover’s Day!

Bad Advice that’s Actually Good

“Write drunk; edit sober.” It’s a quote often given attribution to Earnest Hemmingway, arguably one of the greatest writers of all time. It’s wrong. He didn’t say that. And given enough internet research, people can easily discover that this was indeed the case: Hemmingway never said it, and he never practiced it. At least he … Continue reading Bad Advice that’s Actually Good

That Nagging Feeling

I woke up this morning with a nagging feeling. This feeling is one that I have had for the entirety of my life. It often creeps around dark alleys awaiting my arrival so that it can attack, often crippling me. It springs an odd form of depression. Not a depression that makes it difficult for … Continue reading That Nagging Feeling

How to Support the Independent Writer

I wrote most of this post 4 years ago. Not much has changed. I am still struggling to get the word out there on my books. And of course, I need help. I need your help. I bug my close friends and family a lot to buy my work. Many of you who know me … Continue reading How to Support the Independent Writer

Changes Abound

Most of my writing life has been a series of changes and adjustments. Nothing that I do sticks. But that isn't a bad thing. Considering that I am not making a living off of my writing, finding what works has been a challenge. Finding what works takes experimenting and changing as time goes on. More … Continue reading Changes Abound