Know the Joy – a poem

"Know the Joy"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Steal my heart,Fail the strings of love,that bind this bitter lifeto a memory of some worse.A taste feeling sharp of the tongueof loss of pain and lonelinessto remember of joy and passionbut it cannot find the partnered.What will life make of it?I want to feel the pain,to … Continue reading Know the Joy – a poem

Visitors – a haiku

"Visitors"a haiku by Jeremy C Kester Ducks waddle & eatSeeds fallen a feeder highA dog shows its teeth For more poetry, consider purchasing a copy of Jeremy's collection: Change of Seasons: Selected Poems. Click the link to get yourself a copy in either print or for Kindle. (Currently exclusive with Amazon, however that will change … Continue reading Visitors – a haiku

Coming of Age – a poem

"Coming of Age"a poem by Jeremy C Kester If I could only find a difference,To lead me away from this confusion,Bringing me from a pit of innocence,Enlighten the question of delusion.Spare my mind from these bitter illnesses,And I shall forever rest my tired eyes.For my feet have walked these strong distances,And my heart, though tired, … Continue reading Coming of Age – a poem

Courage Hide – a poem

"Courage Hide"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Break my consciousness,let me sleep today,so that I may not know this,of what fears I face may… Tell not to me;of those terrors break,my being state of dying see,which the difficult road I take. For maybe I shall stride,different from where I stand,but I fear of where my … Continue reading Courage Hide – a poem