Evil Innocence

I wonder how, the white winter falls, how it wipes away the dull form, of the barren landscape. How can we call it innocence? Why is the innocence white? And we feel the dirt to be brown? The white comes falling down, burying the brown dullness into white drifts. Cleansing the earth of evil. HowContinue reading “Evil Innocence”

Solar Flare

The Sun, Cutting through the winter song, Of cold and bitter winds. A bright relief, Envelop me. Fill me with life lived Without grey. Lifelessness That the winter brings. Or burn me alive, To kill the hate Of the disappointment I feel In winter’s grip on me.   Poem written by Jeremy C Kester AllContinue reading “Solar Flare”

Lost In Time

Can I feel, this way for a minute. and take the hours as they pass by, as my own. for my own playful desire. instead of waste, that I produce from there of. there is that time I spend away. I spend it away from myself. Foolishly therefore, I see nothing but wasted time. landfillsContinue reading “Lost In Time”

Mix the Brilliant Colors

Sun and shade, Mix the brilliant colors, Like past and present, Memory and memory, I find to wonder, How things blend so… Viciously. And to cautiously wait, From moment to moment, Just for a moment, Maybe I can see, Just how much beauty there is… In Viciousness. Poem written by Jeremy C Kester All RightsContinue reading “Mix the Brilliant Colors”