Of Silence

If I speak first and break the silence Will she run from me like the rest? Or stay to the bitterness of knowing What I truly am What I may become Failing to understand how to break free A prison of unknowing and doubt If only but to understand it To understand why the walls … Continue reading Of Silence


The sandpaper feel of my heart against my chest, Your eyes stare at me, And no one else is in the room. I miss those feelings wandering inside of me. Those feelings of possible love and lust. For me those eyes stole my life away from me, Now if I had only had the strength … Continue reading Untitled

A Bird’s Love

Birds sing solemnly, As world winds blow, My heart drops in sadness, While myself leave ones once loved. Smiles of joy seen little more, For sleepy eyes notice none. Feelings collide in thoughtful notions. A collision of love and pain. People feel and act on nothing, But a bird flies overhead. Its love is peaceful … Continue reading A Bird’s Love