UPDATE 10/15/2018: The links below will no longer work. I am deleting my Patreon page due to my inability to maintain it, and my desire to redirect efforts into other projects. In a nutshell, much like the text below suggests, I bit off more than I could chew again. Plus, I think that my goals … Continue reading Patreon

Random Thoughts on Writing My Next Book

I am closing in on the completion of the 1st draft of my next novel. Actually, it’s my finally completing what I had started when I pompously decided to put out Part 1: Loss of Limb… Wait, I didn’t even give you the name of the novel really. My mistake. I should preface these things … Continue reading Random Thoughts on Writing My Next Book

An Unexpected Turn

Honestly I’ve been struggling. It’s a part of being a panster (mostly) when it comes to my writing. In other words, I write by the seat of my pants, seldom taking the time to plan out my story. That’s not to say that I don’t know what the destination is, it is just saying that … Continue reading An Unexpected Turn

Free eBooks and a Discount

Starting today, Change of Seasons: Selected Poems, my first poetry collection is going on sale. The Kindle edition will be $0.99 for a little over 2 days before then jumping up to $1.99 for another 2 days before settling back at it's regular price. Pick yourself up a copy while I have it discounted! Also, … Continue reading Free eBooks and a Discount