Sales and Updates

Good news first! I am having some sales on my ebooks in the coming weeks. It will kick off with two great deals over Thanksgiving. Starting Thursday, November 23, Remember the Yorktown, part 1 of my Gravity saga will be free and will remain so for 5 days! Also tagging along, The Dangerous Life of … Continue reading Sales and Updates

Indie-Author Day

The day came and went. A day to celebrate indie and small press authors from around the Plainfield Illinois area held at the Plainfield Public Library. It was a terribly stormy day, raining in droves from the night before and carrying on through the day into the following night. It was a good day overall. … Continue reading Indie-Author Day

Before Conclusions

Earlier today I was pointed to an article linked off The Passive Voice where it was asserted that sales of ebooks were again floundering in favor of print books, particularly in the realm of children’s books. The immediate conclusion was that children were getting fatigued from screen exposure. While I’d be excited by the prospects … Continue reading Before Conclusions

The Artist vs The Industry

As self-publishing has taken off, I am often left to wonder how it had ever got to a point where entry into the field depended on everyone other than the artist. Of course this is due to my thinking in idealist terms. The artist controls his or her art in full. Said person brought the … Continue reading The Artist vs The Industry

This Writer’s Wild Guess as to the decline in ebook sales

Beware. This post will be rife with opinion. I have read a few articles of late that continue to pound the point that ebook sales have been on the decline lately, specifically in relation to print book sales. Now for the purpose of this article, I am going on the assumption that print is at … Continue reading This Writer’s Wild Guess as to the decline in ebook sales