Broken Glass

Shattered Shards illuminated against Speckled starlight Sparkling reflections The bitter disaster Tangled among the glass Torn flesh among the joy Scatter the light Score away the pain Till forever we sleep   Poem written by Jeremy C Kester Please do not replicate or use without written permission from author (seriously, just ask). Linking to this … Continue reading Broken Glass

Free eBooks and a Discount

Starting today, Change of Seasons: Selected Poems, my first poetry collection is going on sale. The Kindle edition will be $0.99 for a little over 2 days before then jumping up to $1.99 for another 2 days before settling back at it's regular price. Pick yourself up a copy while I have it discounted! Also, … Continue reading Free eBooks and a Discount

A Night For Dreaming Sleep

Quiet, Like pinholes through a shroud of silence. I write the dreams and fog of hope, To understand nothing of a longing. It’s time to envision the illusions of the night, And crawl into a cocoon To wake a moth. No, a butterfly. And drift with a breeze.   Poem written by Jeremy C Kester … Continue reading A Night For Dreaming Sleep

Crumbled Leaf

Orange rain falling gently above Over an ocean of autumn hues Pink clouds blanket morning light In warmth of cool air surrounding. Breezes tease forth around As my eyes drink the world in A world of beautiful decay A world full of dying life. Beauty in death collides As I stand against the chill Soaking … Continue reading Crumbled Leaf