The Mental Prep

If you've been reading this blog now, you'll know two things: I have an writer's event that I am going to that happens to be today (10/14/17) around when this blog posts. I have a good deal of social anxiety. Well, I am at the writer's event. Being that I am writing this post actually … Continue reading The Mental Prep

Human or Ape

You look at all of what’s going wrong with the world. You try to get someone else to see what you see, to have the same need to act on the ails of the world, but they just want to know what is going on with Kylie Jenner. Is she having a boy or girl? … Continue reading Human or Ape

Less & Less Phone Time

It’s been one of my bigger goals of late. Being on my phone less. Cell phones, while a great tool, have ended up being a major, disappointing distraction. As I’ve written about before, I’ve sought to lessen these and other devices’ influence over me. And I’ve been successful. To a point… Over the past few … Continue reading Less & Less Phone Time

This Careless Writer

The difference between being a careless writer and one who is working towards growing as a writer is precisely the latter. Until recently, I was pretty sure that I was growing. Maybe I was, but I feel now that I was more the former, rushing to get work out into the world before it was … Continue reading This Careless Writer