Being Proactive

Day 1 Lately I have been reading far more non-fiction and self-help books than I would ever have thought in the past. My reading lists used to be exclusively fiction. Occasion one might have seen me with something other than a story, but those were often the exceptions rather than the rule. Not so much … Continue reading Being Proactive

Oh, Outlines…

Why don’t I outline? Maybe it’s the days I spent writing essays in school. All that prep work for a measly 500-word essay. I sneeze out 500 words anymore. Yet I remember spending days doing research, putting notes down on index cards (3 X 5 as they had to be), then outlining. Oh, how I … Continue reading Oh, Outlines…

Introducing Star Wars

Whenever I mentioned that I planned to introduce my son to Star Wars, inevitably I would be asked what order I am showing. The average person, in other words- someone not a die-hard Star Wars fan, might find that question a little odd. After all, don’t you show movies from beginning to end? Nope. At … Continue reading Introducing Star Wars

Live the Process

Lean manufacturing. Six Sigma process analysis. 5S. The Toyota methodologies. Fancy lingo used only in the business world, right? One might be inclined to think so. Living as a manufacturing manager, my life is often littered with instances of these very concepts being enforced. When some of the more exuberant coaches come forward, they will … Continue reading Live the Process

About the book: Gravity Saga

It’s way later than I wanted to start, but as promised, here is post 1 about my stories. To kick it all off, I am going to write a 3-for-1 post about my science fiction saga: Gravity. Gravity as it stands for now is 3 books. Those books are: Remember the Yorktown Awakening of a … Continue reading About the book: Gravity Saga