There is a creeping doubt. It hides at the edge of my sight — of my thought — where it lingers, stepping back whenever I try to peer into its direction. As the line of between light and darkness shifts, it keeps its footfalls behind the shadow. Truth is there with it; that I am … Continue reading Limitations


I don’t want to be provocative so much as I want to provoke thought, knowing that the statement is illogical. This is a thought that I ponder frequently as I start to write any post aimed in the political sphere. With there being so many people out there wanting to throw hate around as though … Continue reading Provoke

Seeking Truth

The other day my friend texted me with a handful of funny memes alone with an article. He was asking me my opinion on a number of things political. This was normal banter between us, as we’ve grown accustomed to seeking out each other’s opinions on political events. We don’t see eye-to-eye often, mainly because … Continue reading Seeking Truth