It Remains

I’ve wondered this for quite sometime. Why is it that we run away from the truth? As individuals, as groups, as a society, truth often becomes this evil thing that must be struck down, scuttled away, banished. Truth is the large gorilla in the corner of the room that everyone refuses to acknowledge, as though … Continue reading It Remains


There is a creeping doubt. It hides at the edge of my sight — of my thought — where it lingers, stepping back whenever I try to peer into its direction. As the line of between light and darkness shifts, it keeps its footfalls behind the shadow. Truth is there with it; that I am … Continue reading Limitations

Seeking Truth

The other day my friend texted me with a handful of funny memes alone with an article. He was asking me my opinion on a number of things political. This was normal banter between us, as we’ve grown accustomed to seeking out each other’s opinions on political events. We don’t see eye-to-eye often, mainly because … Continue reading Seeking Truth