Happiness in a Vice

I don’t smoke. I’ve never tried drugs. I’ve nearly cut sugar from my diet. I’ve dramatically cut back on my caffeine intake. There is a list of things that I have been cutting from my life for various reasons. Some are in the name of being more productive, to lead to happiness elsewhere, such asContinue reading “Happiness in a Vice”

Learning to Trust Instinct

Guts are to be listened to! I am never going to learn that. Even as I continue to be presented with example after example of when I should’ve trusted my guts, my instinct, I still second guess myself. Same is true with my writing. This manifests itself in two realms: Completing a project – theContinue reading “Learning to Trust Instinct”

It’s the story, Stupid

My life got a ton busy the last week… so I’ve been behind on even having time to write something to post. The next two weeks will be spotty with updates, but expect it to get better after June 7th. In the meantime, here is another one.- Jeremy I have posted in the past thatContinue reading “It’s the story, Stupid”

It just isn’t good enough

This is a “beat myself up” post. I started writing somewhere in my early teens. A lot of it was a response to what others were doing, but it evolved into something that I found I was pretty decent at. When I am in the zone, I can also be extremely prolific as well. GivenContinue reading “It just isn’t good enough”