That’s where the truth is: somewhere in the middle. It is an interesting consideration in the climate of today’s political arena. Two sides seem almost homicidal in their vehement defence of what they believe to be the truth. Right or wrong, I am just one of those people that sees enough of both arguments that … Continue reading Middle

Having a Good Weekend

Every so often it happens. We can have a good weekend. I've been in the throws of my second good weekend. Just family and some friends at most. Baseball games for my son, quality time with him and my wife. Fun activities. And even despite the things that have gone wrong, we've managed to enjoy … Continue reading Having a Good Weekend

A Written Blog Post

Starting to examine how much of my day is spent in front of a screen and that stat becomes a slap in my face. TV, computers, tablets, and phones all count. It is staggering. As I vented yesterday in my posting, being tuned-in is a constant problem in my life. But what ends up being … Continue reading A Written Blog Post