Learning the Business End

I love writing. I love to splash ink (or pixels) onto a page into an orderly fashion that resembles in some way… a story. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years in bursts and sputters and what I’d like to be doing for however many years I continue to live. In many ways, I … Continue reading Learning the Business End

Hard to Care

It’s getting very hard to care about Barnes & Noble failing. I love books. As a reader and a writer. So in general I don’t want to see anything supporting that to fail. But much as with a lot of the way publishers treat writers, Barnes & Noble is treating everyone poorly, except their executives. … Continue reading Hard to Care

How I Would Start to Fix Barnes and Noble

They announced more losses at Barnes and Noble. And of course the suggested plans of actions seem like pages from the standard playbooks of business (mainly protect the higher-ups salaries) without doing a damn thing to really move the needle. It feels like the 4th quarter with only a few seconds left and the whole … Continue reading How I Would Start to Fix Barnes and Noble


In another bout of trying to flush out an idea by writing it out, I wanted to explore an idea I’ve been mulling over: corporations as micro-nations unto themselves. If one thinks about it, one can almost envision it. Departments can be seen as statehoods or in a smaller scale, local municipalities. There are laws, … Continue reading Micro-Nations