What Happened to Me?

It’s almost halfway through October and I am finding the urge to write difficult to manifest. I’ve all but fallen from the wagon that was my writing torrent this year, struggling to even open my notebook or my computer. It’s happened on a few random occasions in the last week, although the words are noContinue reading “What Happened to Me?”

Leaving Amazon

Once again, I am leaving Amazon. Well, not entirely. What I am doing is stepping away from having my books enrolled in Kindle Select. It was a decision I’ve toyed with on many occasions. Was it better for me to keep all my eggs in that basket or to spread it out? Was it betterContinue reading “Leaving Amazon”

What I Wrote in August

Both a good and bad month, August was the month of lessons. It was of learning to better juggle my hobby of writing with the increasing demands of work and home while also battling against my own digital addictions. It was of learning to deal with others through my own mental barriers. It was ofContinue reading “What I Wrote in August”

A Quick Sale!

Yes, that is right, I am having a 2-day sale on three kindle titles: The Colonist – my newest, scifi short story Remember the Yorktown: Gravity book 1 – the starting book of my scifi saga Change of Seasons: Selected Poems – (title tells what this one is) The ebooks for Kindle will be FREEContinue reading “A Quick Sale!”

Time For a Self-Review

What am I doing? I am serious, what the hell am I doing? A lot has been happening in my life these last few weeks and in a lot of ways, much of my life has been a blur. It’s especially apparent after missing a promised date to return feedback to a person I offeredContinue reading “Time For a Self-Review”