Oh! The Delays!

This is why I’ve been trying to build a habit of not committing to dates. And yet, I have to acknowledge that dates and deadlines are important. Being early in this profession of being a writer — whether it becomes an actual profession or remains a hobby that occasionally makes money — picking dates for publications and promising X on Y date, then sticking to them, is a way to be… professional. Sometimes however, it can be like trying to walk through a booby-trapped ancient temple. You might have a plan on where you think you are going…

Life effectively gets in the way. And though placing a priority on writing might sound easy, but unless it is the primary mode of earning, it quite easily gets shoved to the background.

The crux of this is that my release of my next poetry book will be delayed. The original planned date was to be June 23rd… which ended up being the closing date on my family buying a house… which takes a LOT more work than I had thought. Doing all this while trying to maintain a normal working schedule and trying to devote time for family on top of the added responsibilities meant that my writing life ground to a halt.

But much of it is tapering off! Life is returning to some form of normalcy, and that means that I will be able to refocus and rebuild that writing muscle. A new date for my next poetry book will come soon as well. On top of that, episode 4 of The Colton Skyward Chronicles will be delayed a month as well, going for an August 15th release of episode 4.

Mind you, there will be a post on the debate going on regarding that experiment. Suffice to say though that it will remain ongoing at this time.

It might be as little as a few days or it might be as much as a few weeks or over a month that the poetry book will come out. For now I wish to try to write for a bit to loosen up those skills — to build the routines and habits back to what they were. A few random blog posts or short essays or short stories might come out during that time. No promises, but given that I plan to write for writing’s sake until I think I can bring back a sense of form and focus, there might end up some fun gems that are good enough to share. Stay tuned and more updates will come!

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