Bringing Back FFF

Free Fiction Friday… or FFF, or whatever alliterative nonsense I wish to call it — the weekly post of fiction that I’ve sporadically posted on this site in the past needs to come back. I want it to come back. How I manage it and what it really is has always been the issue.

At one time, I tried my hardest (that is arguable, of course) to post a free piece of short fiction every week. Occasionally, I would put up a chapter of one of my 3 novels (The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle, Gravity, and The Good Teacher) as a supplement to this routine. But no matter what I tried in the past, I could never write enough to keep up with a story-a-week posting habit. This included a brief foray into what I called micro-flash-fiction — or stories coming in at less than 100 words. It frustrated me.

Writing small bits of fiction and prose is fun. There’s a lot I wrote in the past that had no home, or that might become something bigger, or was more like a synopsis of a story, or whatever. My notebooks are full of such junk. A lot of words with no particular home or plan. In other words, there’s plenty of material out there for me to use.

Then there’s the other problem: what I expect Free Fiction Friday to be. Like any burgeoning perfectionist, the thought behind FFF was that it would house a polished piece of fiction that was worthy of some award for short fiction. (I’ll pause while you (and I) stop laughing.) Talk about unrealistic expectations. It’s a goal one would use only if their true goal was self harm of the mental variety. In thinking that way, though, the real beauty of what FFF could be was missed.

Again, this is my site. Besides the fact that I need WordPress to host this site (which I pay a small fee for), this is my site. Not some social media network. Not some message server. People only need a web-browser to see this content. One need not pay a fee or subscription. There’s no TOS to muddle through, just a simple rule: don’t copy any of my content or work without written permission from me. That’s it. This is my own site — something I often forget. As such, I can really craft this to be something useful to my craft and fun for my audience.

Free Fiction Friday doesn’t have to be anything specific. I don’t have to post whole short stories. And when I do post whole short stories, they can be prior to any of the revision stages. I can post pieces of works. Chapters (like I’ve done before) can be the content. It can be a broken piece of dialog between two characters without context. It can be micro-flash-fiction as before. Or vignettes (short stories less than 1,000 words). Random prose can be used. The only rule I need to have is that the work be fiction.

And it doesn’t have to be good. Most of what most people write probably isn’t, anyway. This outlet gives me a fun outlet for that material, along with a little window into some of the weird stuff I might pen every now and then. The goal is to also put something different from the blog updates and poetry which is all that illuminates this site at the moment.

It is an outlet where no rules apply for me as a writer other than it should be fiction and that it posts on Fridays. Quick. Simple. Nothing too extravagant. Of course, there’s always the part of me who strives for that perfect story, but I also have to be real with myself: this is all practice. And it doesn’t mean that I can’t try to make complete stories, just that I needn’t hold fast to that standard.

All this rambling is only preamble to what I am ultimately trying to say: I am bringing back Free Fiction Friday on my site. It will start next week, October 14th, 2022. Be ready!


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