Finally. An Announcement.


Finally, some things are happening.

Today there are 3 announcements to share.

First, following the prior (long ago) post of my desire to experiment with Kindle Vella, I released the first episode of The Colton Skyward Chronicles on the platform. And it is free to read. Click HERE for a description on how Kindle Vella works, how the first 3 episodes for stories are free, etc, etc.

More episodes are ready to go as well, but I will release them one per month going forward. Each new episode will release on the 15th every month with Episode 2 coming May 15th. 

Second, I am nearing the re-release of my sci-fi/space opera, the Gravity saga. What was originally 3 novellas (with more planned) will be a single novel (again… with more planned). Some time ago I unpublished the books to revise and correct a few things before wanting to continuing the story in the next book. Publication will be on May 23rd where it will be available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. For the first 90 days, the ebook will be exclusive on Kindle, then after that, it will move to a wide release.

And finally, I am gathering up the content for my next poetry book (my first being Change of Seasons: Selected Poems). The planned release is June 20th. All the material is already there; it is only a matter of organizing how I want the book to look, picking a title, and then clicking the publish button. The work there is already in progress along with a simple cover design, making it a simple move to publication. Like with Gravity, it will be hardcover, paperback, and on Kindle exclusively for ebooks for the first 90 days.

That’s two books and a Kindle Vella release! All in the next 2 months!

Here’s to review:

Today (4/19/2022) – The Colton Skyward Chronicles Episode 1 on Kindle Vella

Subsequent episodes of The Colton Skyward Chronicles monthly on the 15th

May 23rd – the re-release of the Gravity novellas as a single novel

June 20th – release of my next poetry collection

And I’ll keep on trucking! I have two more books in the revision stage and hope to move them along to publication before the end of the year (no dates set yet, so we’ll see). I’ll keep updating the site as more news comes. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get this site updated soon.

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