Ask Why

New Year’s Day is nearly upon us. And as we say goodbye to the year that has been, goals become the topic that many wish to discuss. New Year’s Resolutions become all the buzz for some time as everyone gets drunk on the idea of “new year; new you!”. On a typical year, I seldom … Continue reading Ask Why


There’s 23 days until the new year. That’s 3 weeks until the rush of the population to create a list of things that they want to change. It’s 3 weeks until everyone will spend a few hours trying to show to everyone else (or most notably: themselves) that they are serious for once, that this … Continue reading Resolve

The Dangers of Waiting to Change

Another year has snuck up on us. 2018 has departed and made way for 2019 in the circular straight-line we call life. We chase events each year, moving forward while looking behind at the past, reminiscing on good memories or lamenting the bad. As we approach January, we try to view it as a reset … Continue reading The Dangers of Waiting to Change