There’s 23 days until the new year. That’s 3 weeks until the rush of the population to create a list of things that they want to change. It’s 3 weeks until everyone will spend a few hours trying to show to everyone else (or most notably: themselves) that they are serious for once, that this year they will get their goals in order. The cycle repeats every year. Sometimes we are victorious; mostly we simply resume our lives as they were before the holidays.

What is it that we desire? Losing weight? That’s a common one.

Maybe learning a language?

Or learning an instrument?

Or maybe giving up on that one habit that we feel derails many of our goals?

Perhaps using social media less is a goal worthy of running for…

We all want to change, so why not participate in the New Year’s resolution? It always feels like it is the right time. All the energy that runs through the air at the metaphorical shedding of the old into the new makes it tempting to follow the crowd into goal setting.

The thing is, we can change at any time. If it is important, waiting until New Year’s to make a change, waiting until the next year, the next day, the next reason, we are in fact deciding that the change we are seeking is not worth it. It’s not important.

Is it important?

If that answer is yes, then why aren’t we working to make the changes right now? Why are we waiting for the next day? Why are we procrastinating?

Make the change you want today. Don’t wait another 3 weeks. Do it now.

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