Goodbye 2020

All over the internet, news media, and on the lips of people around the globe, 2020 sucked. But did it? Was it really so bad or is it that our perceptions have been twisted up in all of this mayhem? This past year of 2020 has been a challenge in many ways. With the pandemic … Continue reading Goodbye 2020

Ask Why

New Year’s Day is nearly upon us. And as we say goodbye to the year that has been, goals become the topic that many wish to discuss. New Year’s Resolutions become all the buzz for some time as everyone gets drunk on the idea of “new year; new you!”. On a typical year, I seldom … Continue reading Ask Why

The Dangers of Waiting to Change

Another year has snuck up on us. 2018 has departed and made way for 2019 in the circular straight-line we call life. We chase events each year, moving forward while looking behind at the past, reminiscing on good memories or lamenting the bad. As we approach January, we try to view it as a reset … Continue reading The Dangers of Waiting to Change

2017 Comes to an End

It is the last day in 2017 and the first day my family and I are back in Illinois. For Christmas we had traveled to see our families back in Philadelphia, where we are from. We drove, which after yesterday’s travels of snow through the mountains of Pennsylvania and then white-out conditions through Ohio, was … Continue reading 2017 Comes to an End