Changes Abound

Most of my writing life has been a series of changes and adjustments. Nothing that I do sticks. But that isn’t a bad thing. Considering that I am not making a living off of my writing, finding what works has been a challenge. Finding what works takes experimenting and changing as time goes on.

More than finding what works for success, I have been trying to find what works for me. My writing is at best sporadic. Every so often I pound through thousands upon thousands of words in a short amount of time only to run into a writing drought where I maybe get a few hundred words each day.

The main point is inconsistency.

And I need to drive more consistency.

This past Saturday my best friend and writing buddy Marcel Alexander attended a writer’s event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin called the Beachside Authorfest. No while the event wasn’t a success for either of us for a multitude of reasons not related to us, it was a huge success in that I learned a lot about myself.

And because of that, I am writing this post speaking of a few things I am doing to become more fluid with my writing. Also to be more competitive. So here’s the list of what is changing over the course of the coming month:

  1. Prices on all 3 Gravity books, The Good Teacher, and my poetry book Change of Seasons will drop today.
    Being that I haven’t been selling them, the price drop isn’t going to affect my profit other than to make the books more appealing to purchase. Let’s face it, I overpriced them in my inexperience and bloated hope that they would do better. Now it is time to fix that.
    The Gravity series will go from $2.99 to $0.99 for the kindle ebooks and $7.99 (book 1) & $8.99 (books 2 and 3) to $5.95/$6.95 respectively for print.
    The Good Teacher will go from $4.99 to $2.99 for kindle ebook and from $10.99 to $9.95 for print.
    Change of Seasons will go from $3.99 to $2.99 for kindle ebook and from $8.99 to $7.95 for print.
    Links are up top in the menu bar for each of the books.
  2. Of Earth and Ice (my sci-fi web-serial) is going bye-bye from Wattpad.
    The move to Wattpad was a rash one not understanding what Wattpad was all about. While it is a free site and free to read, it just wasn’t working out. Too much effort from me was needed to keep up with it. Given my terrible ability to stay consistent, it wasn’t a great choice. And with where I want to go and how I want to handle future writing, Wattpad is not an avenue for my needs and wants. The 9 chapters or episodes I have out at the moment will go out in another form for free, most likely as an ebook through Smashwords and maybe on my site as well. The continuation though will be on hold as I decide what I am going to do with it.
  3. My blogging will indeed remain sporadic. At worst, weekly.
    Let’s face it, the high expectations I set with this post earlier in the year were a little too ambitious. Keeping up with posts is good, but I cannot sacrifice my writing energy to do so. Writing fiction is what I want to do, so blogging has to come 2nd. I will stay on top of updating with a blog post at least once per week though.
  4. A Mailing List will be starting up in August.
    That’s right, I will be starting to email out monthly updates to those who sign up as well as offering exclusives and giveaways. It’s still in the works as to exactly how it’ll be, but suffice to say it will be an enhancement to what’s going on. As soon as I figure it out I will have the sign-up on this site!

The focus will be on writing and learning more to market my books more effectively. It will require more dedication and some more work on my end. Part of it is narrowing the scope of what is going on. As I only have a very limited amount of time each day to spend on what needs to be done, it doesn’t make sense to worry about free stories with regular publishing intervals such as Of Earth and Ice, or to blog every day.

I apologize for what can be described as wishy-washy or flip-flopping, but it is all a learning experience.

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