Institutional Decay

What are institutions for? What grants their authority? Why should we listen to them? These and many other questions can be asked by someone similar to me, someone with a mindset of continual questioning. Or maybe someone who trends against authority. I have a skeptical mindset, often wanting to question the reasons why things are … Continue reading Institutional Decay

Being a Scientist

We all think of labs, beakers, experiments, chemistry, etc when we think about a scientist. Seldom do we consider what it means to be a scientist. We think of the subject more than the philosophy. But I argue that if we all took a moment to examine what it might mean to be a scientist, … Continue reading Being a Scientist

The Science Debate

It’s getting to be election time again! Exciting right? Not really. For one I am dreading the words that will be tweeted over and over once the Presidential debates between hillary and trump are put into gear: “What about the debate on science?” Happens every election. So?  What about it? It seems to me that … Continue reading The Science Debate