Writing Science

Bear with me.

No, seriously.

Of the many things that I have wanted to do with my life as a writer is to write about science. Of that I want to write about science in politics (or the fact that it so rarely exists). But science is the one thing that I have wanted to write on for a long time. Afterall, I am a scientist.

Well OK, technically I am a middle manager in a science field, that field being polyurethane chemistry. I am the technical manager at a facility for a large chemical processor. Nothing overly fancy, but I do work in the science industry, so at least I have some cred?

Anyway, I do not wish to write about the polyurethane industry. That could tread too close to areas where I would need to retain trade secrets, etc. (That will change if I ever move to write as my job.) I do want to write more on science policy, science in schools and education, science discoveries, and of course how sciaence impacts our daily lives.

Now with anything, it is going to take practice in getting used to writing on these topics. I cannot write in the same way as I write about my fitness or writing life or how I write stories. Sure, I can still insert sarcasm and wit, but there is not as much room.

Plus my exposure has been very narrow since working in this field, and I am trying to expand that again.

So bear with me.

I am going to shoot at first for an article covering science every two weeks (there’s research to be had!). Between those articles will be the normal bullshit I spew out onto my blog. So please just be gentle. My ass is already sore.

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