What I Wrote in August

Both a good and bad month, August was the month of lessons. It was of learning to better juggle my hobby of writing with the increasing demands of work and home while also battling against my own digital addictions. It was of learning to deal with others through my own mental barriers. It was of … Continue reading What I Wrote in August

Unused Tools

Notebooks are pervasive in my life. However, as much as I love them and use them, most of the time they sit untouched. Filled with fragments of thoughts, they often remain idle. And yet I love them; I crave to write in them all the time. But they remain unused too often to count. On … Continue reading Unused Tools

What I Wrote In February

It’s now March! Another month of writing done! February is over and from my perspective, it was a highly successful month indeed. Just how successful? Well let me break the stats down. I like tracking statistics. Unfortunately, I’ve never really done it with my writing as extensively as I am doing now. I’d look at … Continue reading What I Wrote In February

What I Wrote In January

New month. It’s February. And as we await the results of two important events in Pennsylvania (Groundhog Day… and oh, the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl), I felt it fitting that I review what I wrote last month. It might be a good exercise in my keeping track of what I write by forcing … Continue reading What I Wrote In January