A Bird’s Love

Birds sing solemnly, As world winds blow, My heart drops in sadness, While myself leave ones once loved. Smiles of joy seen little more, For sleepy eyes notice none. Feelings collide in thoughtful notions. A collision of love and pain. People feel and act on nothing, But a bird flies overhead. Its love is peacefulContinue reading “A Bird’s Love”


I wait the calling, Still, Never silent. The words of thoughts echoing denial. Denial of my desire, It’s only an appropriate measure. How could my questions, turn into my thought?   Poem written by Jeremy C Kester Please do not replicate or use without written permission from author (seriously, just ask). Linking to this pageContinue reading “Still”

To Learn to Cry

Sometimes I stare in amazement, At causes for things depressing. My eyes weary at the sight, Of such things forgiving. Do flowers tell of love and trust? Or do they deceive us to think so? So as I learn to believe myself one thing, I learn to feel another. To be angered by a nobleContinue reading “To Learn to Cry”


Little patch of earth Where the fenceline ends Just a patch Barely fractioned of an acre The birds eat there. Seeds across the ground They peck. Hop. As the squirrels flip their tails Stealing what they can If I look hard enough It is all there is. Mine. Peaceful. My little window. Forgetting all else.Continue reading “Patch”