Trial and Error

Another idea came to me the other day. A webcomic idea. Drawing is in a way not too far behind writing as an activity I am driven to do. Unlike writing, it’s not something that I get anxious if time passed by without having taken part in the activity after some time. Sometimes years have … Continue reading Trial and Error


Listening to an episode of the podcast,"Start With This", I was confronted again with the concept of the disposability of art. In this particular episode (episode 8, "Art is disposable") they were talking about the many things that they and others wrote that they eventually threw out. It was another angle on the idea of … Continue reading Erase


One of the joys of parenthood comes from the simple activities we share with our children. From this weekend’s activities of igloo building after the snow falls here in Chicago, to playing Minecraft together, to sitting down to draw Pokemon. Each of these and more happened this past weekend, but it is that last activity … Continue reading Perspective