Trial and Error

Another idea came to me the other day. A webcomic idea. Drawing is in a way not too far behind writing as an activity I am driven to do. Unlike writing, it’s not something that I get anxious if time passed by without having taken part in the activity after some time. Sometimes years have passed before the urge has driven towards working on a project, but after that desire hits, the project has to get done.

Webcomics have been a little different though. They’ve been a nagging idea, something behaving a little more like writing is. As time passes and I get older, drawing and art are becoming another facet of an overarching desire to create— right along side of writing. To put it more bluntly: the idea of drawing is starting to catch up to my desire to write.

The expectation isn’t that it will ever supplant writing. Writing exists in the mind at all times— which makes it harder when for whatever reason it is being avoided in favor of other things. It’s like a thread that is interwoven into the fabric; whereas drawing is more like dye in a fabric. One can be washed out over time while the other could undermine the structure of the fabric were it removed. Not that I would expect one or the other creative method to be removed from my life, the demonstration is only to illustrate hierarchy. Writing is more important than drawing. Yet it must also be demonstrated that both can feed into the other.

Even today, I am not certain of how I am going to execute a webcomic when I struggle to keep up with any other endeavor. Although persistence is there, meaning that no matter how many times I run into the wall I get back up and try again, consistency is not. Well, let’s amend the definitions of persistence and consistency with relation to the writing.

Persistence is that need to keep getting up and hitting the wall. It is irrespective of whether it takes one a little time or a lot of time to try again.

Consistency involves the frequency of when one gets up after hitting the wall.
Now “hitting the wall” is proverbial. I use it as a metaphor since that’s what seems to happen. It’s like I get running and then WHAM! Invariably the momentum gets stopped by one or another reason. Mostly it is a lack of solid discipline. Discipline is some combination of persistence and consistency. Without that, efforts do tend to actually hit a wall.

Before that webcomic idea comes to life, I will need to build on those other skills. Maybe someday it’ll come to life. For know it’ll remain an idea that will get an extended time to flush out. We’ll see.

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