I like to draw. It is yet another hobby that I spend much too little time doing. Much like writing. But it is different. And with that itch of wanting to make a webcomic, the desire to draw has been a growing one. The question becomes, however, how can I honestly fit it in when I continue the struggles in using time to write?

I thought about it. It’s not an easy choice to have to make. Part of me says just to do it, while another part glares at me sarcastically saying, “really? You really think that you can do it?”

Honestly, I want to say, “No I don’t think I can do it.” However with my recent victories, I want to push myself a little more. I want to prove to myself that I am indeed capable.

A drawing of Trunks I made nearly 2 years ago when drawing overtook my urge to write.

When one is creative in multiple areas, and has the drive to be so, although one is the greater drive, ignoring the other does cause a rift. Nothing substantial. It is that eventually the desires for the others, if not taken care of, will eventually grow to interfere with each other. I do not wish to let that happen.

Forward progress. I am going to start small. 5 minutes. Just a 5 minute sketch a day. There are so many instances where I spend 5 minutes during the day doing nothing. Or playing on my phone. Blah. Instead, 5 minutes once a day drawing. A sketch. A simple sketch. Nothing fancy. A little practice every day just to scratch that itch.

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