Look Ahead

I wrote something in my notebook this morning that struck me as I was out for a walk this morning. As I gazed on the first rays of sunlight reflecting the orange glory of the changing leaves, I began to understand an idea. It’s an idea that opposes the concept of procrastination. Of course, procrastination … Continue reading Look Ahead

A Year Lost

It has been a year and 6 days since I had suspended my daily writing goals. Things happened and only recently have I sat down, stopped making excuses, and started the writing daily goal once again. A year was lost to my excuses. Now sure, I wrote during this year between today and when I … Continue reading A Year Lost

Procrastinating Anxiety

I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately. Writing has been dragging for me of late, and it appears to me to be getting worse, not better as I attempt to push through the detritus. Instinct wants to call it procrastination, or distraction, but I am finding that it isn’t the case. It’s something a … Continue reading Procrastinating Anxiety