Look Ahead

I wrote something in my notebook this morning that struck me as I was out for a walk this morning. As I gazed on the first rays of sunlight reflecting the orange glory of the changing leaves, I began to understand an idea. It’s an idea that opposes the concept of procrastination. Of course, procrastination is a characteristic I am very familiar with. And in the last few years, I’ve struggled to overcome this tendency once and for all.

This idea that came to my head isn’t anything that I thought up on my own. In fact, this is similar to what quite a number of smarter people have said. It’s the idea of setting myself up for success by doing something today that will make tomorrow better.

Procrastination is really an act of me giving more work for future me. Instead, I am trying to be better to future me.

It’s a way of being kind to myself. And while it’s not easy to do when I’ve been so primed to procrastinate, I am sure that future me will be glad for the effort.

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