A Year Lost

It has been a year and 6 days since I had suspended my daily writing goals. Things happened and only recently have I sat down, stopped making excuses, and started the writing daily goal once again. A year was lost to my excuses.

Now sure, I wrote during this year between today and when I had suspended my habit. In fact, I wrote over 25,000 words of fiction in that time… which was less than a single month’s work at one time for me. What makes what I had done nearly futile is that of those words, fewer still were focused on any meaningful project.

In addition, of the 6 projects that I continue to discuss as being ready for the stages beyond 1st draft, all remained at a standstill. In the coming month I will be attending another author fest and I am no better off than I was at the last one. A year passed before I got back on track. A year passed without progress.

I have a reason that I bring this all up once more as I am not overly interested in rehashing this period of time… unless it is for learning, as it is now.

Time slipped by me. Every day that one does not move toward goals is a day lost to time. This year is a great example of that for me: I spent a year floundering, losing it to time.

It follows on my prior prose: Repeat, where I talked about making positive change and doing it every day. Because every day missed is a day lost. And I lost quite a lot of them in this past year.

And yet, while I am tempted to slam myself, it is important that when we mess up, we choose to accept and learn from it. When we refuse to accept it, to learn from it, that is when a mistake will truly turn into a failure. This is why I got back up and am now writing regularly again.

Always choose to get back up and learn. Then go forward.

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