"Blocked"a short story by Jeremy C Kester (all rights reserved) She was quiet as she looked at the dish in front of her. I wasn’t paying much attention to her as Instagram had my attention piercing my brain through the digitized images transferred to the screen of my phone. Honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered much … Continue reading Blocked

Unintentional Good Habits

There were at least five of them that I came near while driving. I am sure that there were many more, but five I noticed right in front of me, behind me, and beside me. The ‘them’ I am referring to? Distracted drivers. Those drivers paying far more attention to their phones than to what … Continue reading Unintentional Good Habits

The Close of a Weekend

With this weekend coming to a close, I can say one thing with a degree of certainty: I feel like shit. I am not sick. No. Rather I’ve binged, on carbs, lounged around, and played for hours on end on one device or another mindlessly scrolling through mindless app after brainless activity. No writing. No … Continue reading The Close of a Weekend

What is it doing to us?

I am listening to the Nerdist podcast with Paula Poundstone, yes, I know I am behind in my listening by about a month. It wasn’t a hugely fascinating podcast for most of it. I am not a huge comedy nerd, so some of the guests, like Paula, are out of my element. But as usual … Continue reading What is it doing to us?