The Close of a Weekend

With this weekend coming to a close, I can say one thing with a degree of certainty: I feel like shit. I am not sick. No. Rather I’ve binged, on carbs, lounged around, and played for hours on end on one device or another mindlessly scrolling through mindless app after brainless activity. No writing. No marketing. Just hours of… hell, I don’t even know.

What’s good is that I feel like crap. Mentally and physically I feel run down, bloated, and dead. That’s good because I am making the connection to my behaviors and not trying to blame in on some other random cause.

Now that’s not to say that I didn’t get any productive things done. I did do a few small things. Not really enough though. And not enough to counter the loads of crap that I did that was the opposite of productive.

This week. Right now, I have to correct that problem. I have to set the phone back down, put the laptop away, and focus on writing, eating good and whole foods, and exercising. All this has to happen soon. Like now. At least before I derail all of the good I’ve done these last few weeks.

On the plus side though: I did finish Stranger Things.

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