Deadpool’s Back

In a beautiful tribute to the Father of ASMR, Bob Ross, Deadpool promotes the trailer for Deadpool 2. It looks awesome. And funny, as the first one was. And ridiculous. Fox did a good thing to let Ryan Reynolds do what he wanted with the first movie. All indications showed that they were willing to … Continue reading Deadpool’s Back

Finding Zen

I love comics. I read a few regularly. Some I don't read as they are release, rather waiting to consume them in large quantities. Some are classics; some are newer, hipper webcomics. They range from family friendly to downright dirty. There is one in particular that I always want to point people to. It's one … Continue reading Finding Zen

Easily One of the Best Sci-Fi Stories Out Right Now

Yesterday I wrote a quick, little post on how I thought Orphan Black was an outstanding show that my wife and I were still fairly new to. Today I will talk about another story, in another medium, that I personally believe is one of the best science fiction stories out there right now. I am … Continue reading Easily One of the Best Sci-Fi Stories Out Right Now

Should Marvel Bow Down to Chinese Pressure?

There’s been some talk over the issue of a character in the upcoming Dr Strange adaptation that is being “white-washed” (for lack of a better term) not because of an inherent racism within Marvel, but rather due to apparent pressure from the Chinese government. The character is Tibetan. Anyone with a good sense of history … Continue reading Should Marvel Bow Down to Chinese Pressure?