A Quick Update

In the spirit of my large-ish post last week, I decided to run a (relatively) quick update on where things stand. While things have happened here on this site, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on in my wider writing world. In fact, pretty much for 6 years, it’s been a drought.

After that long post last week, I came to realize that I was far too focused on “new words” to pad my daily word count. The metrics of words-written-per-day drove not just a few of my decisions, but ALL my writing decisions. It meant too many projects fell to the side after finishing the first draft, and because those drafts needed a lot of work (as most first drafts do), I chose instead to write fresh material rather than to draft. Of course, that has to change — probably more than anything else I do currently with my writing. Given that, I am targeting to start revisions. There’s at least 3 stories I have where first drafts are completed. There’s Agnes Pyle book 2, a sci-fi story tentatively titled “Of Earth and Ice”, and a novella titled (again tentatively) “Antlers”. I am not promising a 2023 release for any of them yet, but suffice to say, it is possible if I focus enough on it.

Speaking of publishing, I’ve known for a while that even though I am not exclusive to Amazon, most of my titles are not available anywhere except Amazon. This last weekend I started to correct that. The goal is that by the end of April, I will have all my titles released to all retailers where it is available. My first novel, “The Good Teacher”, will be first. Next, I’ll get Agnes Pyle book 1, my poetry collection “Change of Seasons”, and my short story “The Colonist” out to the other retail channels.

Additionally, I am working through the kinks of readying my next poetry collection for publication, titled “Varied Degrees of Darkness”. It should be out before the end of April as well. Like all the other stories, it will go for wide distribution.

To round out this little update, I plan to get back to this more regular posting habit as well. I’ve promised it repeatedly over the years, and like always, I intend to keep trying. Part of it will be to start putting more out on Free Fiction Friday as well. I started writing 100-word stories as a quick creative outlet, and FFF is a nice avenue for them to reside, along with some other stories here and there.

Either way, things are moving forward — or at least I am trying to push them forward. I hope you all enjoy what is coming!


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