Writing is hard.

I’ve never said it was easy, but damn, sometimes it is really tough. Frustration is a constant companion along with the general anxiety that permeates my life (and I am sure the life of many writers). I am definitely going through a period of time that I am having more trouble writing than normal.

Even when I was at 1000+ words a day, it was still hard. None of it came easily; most of it was brutal. But I did it.

I am trying to get myself back into that habit of writing every day and along with that I am attempting to write on my blog every weekday. Fiction aside, trying to think about what to write every day is tough. Then, when I think I decide on a topic, I understand that I am not sure what to say on the topic. And writing for me in most cases is thinking things out. Apparently I am having just as much trouble thinking of late.

At some point, the longer I stick to this, things will become a little more fluid for me so that I am not struggling on the surface of this task and I can start diving into more complex ideas. That’s what I want to do along with my fiction and poetry. I want to deep-dive into life. It won’t be easy. But I would never claim writing to be so.

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