Nothing to see here…

Well earlier I posted “The Coffee” as my weekly short story rather than “An Award-Winning Display.” (Note: the short stories are likely going to go bi-weekly or monthly some time in the near future.) It was a valiant effort I made, but alas I was not able to do much to get that story finished as I had wanted. Between long days at work, pets needing their terrariums cleaned, a son’s baseball practices and games, and other pre-planned events, writing took a backseat to life this week. But that’s OK.

The good thing was that despite the crazy week, I was able to still write. And I was able to at least get something up to my site every day as I’ve been trying to do.

So it can be done. I can do this. I can make these things happen. I might have set a goal that was out of reach before understanding my week, but it did not knock me out of my main priorities. That’s something I should be proud of.

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