Horror Week

I am going to try something for fun. On a whim. I received an email yesterday from Goodreads about writing prompts for Horror Week. Wait? What was that? If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, it is indeed Horror Week. It gave me an idea: try to finish that damn short story I had started over 8 years ago and never got anywhere with. But as a challenge to myself. To see if I can do it.

(from Goodreads)… click the image to be taken to the Goodreads page for the event.

It is a horror story of course. In that wheelhouse. When I first started writing, that was a genre I thought I’d write more often in. Didn’t happen. Even though my first (and currently unpublished novel) edged quite close to that, I just never pushed much into it. I am going to try, however, to finish this one to put it up on Friday as this week’s free short story… if I can finish it by then. Either way, I am going to try. Something will go up. If it’s titled “An Award Winning Display,” then I succeeded.

I am going to use this little exercise to get the writing juices flowing. It’ll be fun.

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