This Careless Writer

The difference between being a careless writer and one who is working towards growing as a writer is precisely the latter. Until recently, I was pretty sure that I was growing. Maybe I was, but I feel now that I was more the former, rushing to get work out into the world before it was ready.

That realization came as I was running through corrections to my latest book. I was looking at putting out a revision for these fixes when I continued to find more. It wasn’t so much finding errors themselves that bothered me. I’ve found mistakes in books far better than my own. What got me was how many of these errors I found were just careless. Like “didn’t you run spell check?” bad. There was no excuse why they were there.

someone sent this to me some time ago as a background. How fitting now…

It proved to me that I allowed my own eagerness and fears get in the way of making a better product. I don’t believe that any of my books are bad, rather, they just could have been done better. I could have taken better care of them. But that’s in the past. I can make the fixes. I can make sure I am not as careless as before. I can learn from this. And in doing so, become a better writer.

4 responses to “This Careless Writer”

  1. Is there a process that you go through before you publish any writing? Wait a day first, have several people go through and edit, edit immediately after you’re “done”, have a meal write after then edit? I’m just listing ideas that I have thought of.
    Maybe someone else could add or take some ideas from this. Who knows? Interested read read though.


    1. I usually wait at least a few weeks. I try to get people to read it, when I can. That’s usually the toughest part just due to who and who has time to offer. Whatever I manage to do, it’s not working as well as it could, that’s for certain.


      1. I’m sure it’ll come soon enough. Whether it’s not working as well as you hope, I say a work in progress is better than no work at all.


      2. I could not agree more. Thanks!


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