I have 17 flash fiction stories that are less than 100 words apiece that I wrote sometime ago. These particular stories were written to be encoded into QR code. (I wanted to add these to various things as little marketing fun… a foregone thought.) I like writing these little blips sometimes as a nice warmup… almost like a poetic prose. It’s practice in trying to condense and simplify my writing.

I also have several other flash fiction stories (these much more than 100 words, less than 1000) that I have on this site already, with more in folders that are just waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Eventually I will have a published book that will include these and more with poems not featured in Change of Seasons, but that is a long time down the road. Really, I just want more available content on this site apart from the daily blogging. I also want these things to pop-out in WordPress reader and into my blog feed when I post them. Currently, the 3 stories available on the site are on their own pages and never jumped into the blog feed. You’d have to look for them to read them.

I want people to read my stories, goddammit! Free stories too. Crappy examples of me farting around slapping words into a word processor or notebook. Just people seeing my work, good or bad, is my goal. So I am doing something a little different over the coming days and weeks in an attempt to help that happen.

  • The 3 stories already on the site will stay there. Nothing to note there.
  • I am adding a post category for short stories
  • I will be adding one flash fiction story a week, some less than 100 words… almost not even a story, and some in the few hundreds. I am doing this for a couple of months, then I will add them a little more sporadically.
  • I am removing the drop down links on the menu to all of my short stories, including for those on Amazon or Smashwords. I think that gets crowded and doesn’t help find anything.
  • The “Short Stories” link on the menu bar will remain and still link to a page where I will keep all links to all short stories I have, free and paid. Plus I will add brief little descriptions to each to help people decide on what to read. I might even decorate the links a little, who knows?

My hope is that this will help those looking to be entertained will find that entertainment easier to find and more palatable. There may be a few other changes as I work through this, but I don’t expect anything too drastic. For one… pictures on posts would be a good start…

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