Short Stories

Below are links to free short stories by Jeremy C Kester.

Into Fire’s Den
A full-length fantasy short-story. She was sent on a mission to retrieve a dragon’s egg. She might not live to tell of the tale.

Last Minute
Micro-flash story about a surprise.

Micro-flash ASMR story.

My Seat
Micro-flash story on what happens if you sit in the wrong seat.

Now Batting… 
A baseball legend steps up to the plate for the last time…

That Simple Smile
Coffee, a girl, and a guy. A simple story of wanting to talk to a girl.

From A Thread
Desire turns deadly.

How Beautiful She Is
A micro-flash story of desire.

She is running for her life…

Micro-flash of two lovers eating in silence.

The Walk
A micro-flash story of a woman enjoying a walk.


The Feeling of Regret
A tale of a young girl dealing with the aftermath of her decisions.

Wrongful Death
One man’s journey after his suicide.