Can Me Write Good?

Ah, a reoccurring theme. I’ve written on this before, and I am certain that I will explore this topic many more times after this entry too. What is good writing? Am I a good writer? Or asked a better way: can good write me? I am certain that this question enters the minds of a … Continue reading Can Me Write Good?

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

*SPOILERS AHEAD* (although realistically it’s been long enough since its release… read it already!) It pains me. I love Harry Potter. The fact that my wife has been reading the saga aloud to our son of late has also emboldened that love once again. And riding off that fandom, I chose to finally read Harry … Continue reading Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Movies vs the Books

Movies never seem to satisfy a genre in the same way a book does. “The book was better,” is a consistent theme touted after a movie is made based on said book. Examples of this abound. We don’t always say that the movie in question was bad, although that does happen. We just say that … Continue reading Movies vs the Books

Which House Do I Choose?

Let’s get it straight out in the open: I am an American, so I know if this were a real scenario, I wouldn’t be going to Hogwarts anyway. I’d be going to Ilvermorny. That’s beside the point. Back to the fictional world. I love Harry Potter. My wife loves Harry Potter. My son loves Harry … Continue reading Which House Do I Choose?