The Practice

Looking back it is easy to say that there was rarely a post that I can effectively say that I was proud of. Most of them are at best sub-par. It’s necessary though, isn’t it? The practice?

Mostly what this blog is and has been is a place where I jump online and practice writing ideas. It is practice on how to structure. It is practice on engagement. On getting ideas down. On articulating them.

Success is little in thought through this. Yes, I would like what I write on this blog to mean something. Yes, it would be good to have each post written well. But the posts do mean something: practice. And while they may not always be anything more than a hot jumbled mess of letters trying to be words, it’s the practice in writing something every day that makes this whole thing worth the effort.

Will I continue blogging every day? Maybe; maybe not. That is for future me to decide. I might take this exercise to exhaustion and become bored of it. Perhaps opportunity will strike and efforts will turn to writing for monetary gain (i.e. freelance writing). Or the writing could shift to longer essays produced over days rather than small jabs each day. Who knows?

For now, I’ll keep posting every single day… even if most of the time I produce junk not worth the pixels displaying them.

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