These last few days slipped past me. Early on the motivation and ideas needed to fill out a blog post were non-existent. Instead of focusing on this, I moved on, thinking that something would be figured out later in the day. Then night hit and while I was able to write to achieve my daily goals in fiction, my blog was left empty.

As such, yesterday I began to ponder again as to how I approach this site. It is tiring in a manner of speaking (or in a manner of writing…) to get something up every day when I am not even certain each day what I want to write about. Like it is already, there’s a lot about my writing anxieties, a little about philosophy, a little less on politics, and occasionally something else. Based on my post on writing more simply, I wanted to also start experimenting on doing just that: writing a few hundred words at best while trying to do so with maximum impact. And of course I get intimidated as I feel the skills I have don’t match the desire.

Of course one need not have skills to try at something; that’s only my anxieties talking. However, it appears I allowed them to speak long enough that it seems to have derailed my blog some. Like always, there’s work to be done. This blog is still young though in a lot of ways as I am still discovering what it will be (besides the repository for information and news on my fiction writing when that becomes more prominent). And there’s nothing wrong with that. At least there shouldn’t be…

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