To Write Ahead or Not…

Since resuming the pursuit of making a post on this site every day, there has been a debate looming in the background. Should blogs be written the day of or should they be made in advance?

The idea behind it is that the goal to some degree is to be making content for my site in some form each and every day. One would think that then writing blogs in advance of the day I plan to post it would almost be a must. However… things are never that easy.

Since trying to get back into habit, it has been helpful to have a goal to attain every day. It isn’t some vague goal, such as “write” (which is still a goal, of course), rather the goal is more specific: write and post a blog. Having a measured target has helped to get the wheels turning every morning. It’s the action of posting that is the key element. Without that single piece, my writing suddenly suffers. Why? I’ve yet to figure that out fully.

There’s something, particularly with blogging, that having a target each day helps. I’ve had a few days where I had written something the day before. It’s handy being able to take that piece of writing and post it first thing after waking and getting the other morning rituals out of the way. Unfortunately, once that happened, once the “publish” button was clicked for the post, my writing stalled. Writing suffered.

It seems stupid really. There should be little to prevent the writing from happening in any facet, much less the simple fact that I wrote a post the day before. If anything, getting ahead would allow me to still have something on the site for things such as vacations. Or maybe when there are other things that happen to prevent writing a post in the morning. It’s logical.

And one would think that the simple act of posting something that was written the prior day, or some day in the past, should have no bearing on whether one writes or not. Even I understand that to be the case. Or at least it is understood that it should be the case. For some reason, that need to write something prior to posting helps to drive forward a day that would otherwise risk being a non-writing day.

The goal will be to start writing ahead. Maybe general things that can be slid into place when those rare occasions come. Or maybe the goal should be that the blog is written the day before. I am not sure. For now, I am not getting ahead until I can instill that discipline I’ve been after. Until then, only seconds will be in between the posting and the writing of said post.

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