Habit is that thing that you often do without thinking. Often we only think about habit when it is an inconvenience, when it is something that we want to expunge from our life. And while we identify these habits as the obstacles in the way of progress, such as smoking, or such as my pot-a-day coffee addiction, or our phones, we seldom put the effort necessary in making the changes happen in our life.

Bad habits are, after all, hard to break. And they are very easy to slip into. Bad habits are usually born out of fear, anxiety, or some other negative response. In many cases, their occurrence even takes us by surprise. Yet, more importantly, they simply get in our way.

While trying to rebuild my daily writing habit, which includes writing on this site every day, I find a lot of bad habits that I have continue to get in my way. Priorities, as well meaning as they are, will often fall to the side when confronted with the ease and familiarity of allowing my anxieties to drive habit.

Feeling a little off? Have a donut! Don’t worry about eating your feelings!

Tired? Coffee sounds awesome! Don’t worry that it only helps your anxiety and harms your ability to sleep!

Is that plot giving trouble? Get wrapped into scrolling through Instagram! Lose time and thought!

They are invasive and pervasive. Good habits are the counter to it. Good habits are those things that we do, again without thinking, that enhance our life. Writing is an example in my own life. As much as they might induce stress, good habits also build the foundations for positive growth. Think of exercise. It is the genuine opposite of a bad habit.

Where bad habits might relieve one of stress in the moment, they build on anxiety overall. Conversely, good habits might start with anxiety, but then they build one’s ability to combat or stave off anxiety in general.

Our goal in life is to tip the balance in favor of our good habits. Replacing bad habits with good habits help us to pursue our goals, our dreams.

What are some habits you wish to replace?

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