On a Tuesday…

Habit. It’s that all important word that we overlook (or bemoan pending on the perspective we look at it from). When habit drives good results, we brush it aside as fortune, luck, etc. When it is bad, we seek to eradicate it (or justify it if we don’t have the drive to do away with it).

Habit is a powerful ally, however, that we cannot do without. It’s a tool, a weapon in the fight against mediocrity… when we apply it in that way.

Of the many things I have been working through to get back on top of my writing as a dedicated career, posting on my site has been one of the areas I have fallen from. I went from sporadic posts, to semi regular, to everyday, then back to semi regular, and now I have fallen back to the sporadic. It is high time I change that – to put myself back on course.

Habit is needed to help drive this. Good habit.

Often, when I try to jump back into these things, I attempt an all-in approach. And I’ve failed each time. Every time. But then, with my writing every day, I tried the little-by-little approach, building the habit instead of leaping into the deep end before I learned to swim. It worked, and apart from my struggles since September, I don’t regard it as a failure, even though again, I’ve been struggling since.

Blogs are an important marketing tool for the modern-day writer. In a manner of speaking, it can act as a communication tool, an advertising center, an information center, and a resume for any writer who properly maintains one. To properly maintain it, there needs to be regular content, a fact that I’ve neglected.

As a part of building my habits back up, I am going to work of the “once-a-week” posting. On a Tuesday. Every Tuesday. It should work easy for a little while, giving me the opportunity to slowly work this into the routine, into habit. Now I don’t intend to ever go back to posting every day, but I do want to get to a more-than-once-per-week regularity to it all, as in perhaps 3-times-a-week of regular posts with additional content sprinkled in on occasion.

So that is what I am doing, posting on Tuesdays, until I get to a point where I can post more than that.

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