Do I Want to Blog?

I missed the update last Monday. Then on Thursday. Then again this past Monday. Realistically, I took an impromptu vacation from tending to my website. I am not entirely sure that I am concerned over it. I should be. If blogging was my goal.

It is… but only to a point.

To be honest, when I stepped away from the act of blogging every day I found myself happy that I did so. There is a part of me that wants to write things other than the stories that I am so heavily focused on. Compared to the part of me that writes fiction, it is a small part. A fleeting part.

It was a relief of the pressure of coming up with something to write about. Not that I need that. What it seems to be more for me is that I want to write about more controversial topics, but I do not want to risk alienating anyone due to the fact that my main goal is writing fiction…

But there’s always that risk, right?

After giving it a lot of consideration, I feel that I want to keep up with the blog. I am not going to dump it. Or reduce my already reduced posting goal any further. For now I will keep with the regular schedule. I mean, I’ve been hitting a word count target now for 98 days straight. Writing a blog post twice a week should not be a problem. It’s only a problem if I choose to make it a problem.

If anything, I want to do more on the site. I just haven’t figured out how.

Much of what I’ve been working on this year has been an effort to shore up basic skills that I will need to sustain a writing lifestyle, whether or not I make it as a writer. (As always, “making it” for me is being able to supplant my current income with one that comes from writing, not becoming a mega-millionaire writer.)

I’ve felt at times that the blogging has gotten in the way of it. I’ve refused to consider that it is a part of the modern writer. It is a necessary component both of marketing and of the writing process itself.

Creativity doesn’t always come from thin air, as though gifted from some divine intervention. It more often comes from ritual, consistency, drive, and focus. I might not like doing things a certain way sometimes, but that is all a part of the process.

So, do I want to blog?


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