Making a Patreon

So one last quick post on just how good things are going and plans for the future, then I will go back to posts that are more about things I enjoy outside of writing: book reviews, social stuff, and other non-writing specific things.

I am writing this post after having just made Sunday the 30th day in a row where I have written over 1000 words of fiction per day. In short, this has been the best writing streak I’ve had in a very long time, maybe ever. At the very least, this is the best I’ve done since making any effort to track what I write each day.

Like my last post, this is huge for me. I can go the rest of my life happy knowing that I can do this, proving that I can. I can write every day and make writing one of the most important things I do.

Intentions are to keep this pace up, and once it gets easier (if it ever does) to turn it up a notch.

Now for the future.

A thing that has bugged me is just how to start raising funds to better support getting help for these projects. Five different ways come to mind. People buying my books, GoFundMe, Patreon, Kickstarter, and Ko-fi.

Frankly, I am an idiot with most of these things. I think a kickstarter is out of the question. Although it is a nice platform, I don’t think that putting my book up as a project is right. GoFundMe looks to me a platform more for charity-like support, like if I needed a kidney transplant.

People buying my books isn’t happening, at least not yet. I am seeing that writers though have been adding Patreon and Ko-fi to their platforms, some quite more effectively than the books.

As the future goes, I am going to add a Patreon. And I have already added Ko-fi, as you can see from the button on the right sidebar of my site.

Ko-fi is a one-time donation (a dollar or whatever), akin to buying me a cup of coffee because you like what I am doing. Easy.

Patreon is a little trickier. It’s a subscription service for creative folks. People become Patreon supporters for $1 or more per month or per project release and in turn, they get access to writings, art, comics, or whatever the creative person is working on. Then there are levels of access that increase pending on the amount a supporter is willing to pay.

I know how I am going to approach it. I am going to offer up a short story a month with added access to drafts, early peeks at upcoming novels, and signed copies of the short stories in a printed book once or twice a year. Given that I also sketch, something might be in it for that.

Intentions are to start prepping it over the coming months… not weeks… and certainly not days. I want to make sure that I plan this out right. That way it is done right, and I don’t end up letting down supporters. Stay tuned!

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